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Corporate Governance and Internal Regulation System

As a member company of the Kyocera Group, Kyocera Document Solutions realizes the sound fulfillment of its Management Rationale and fair, just and highly transparent corporate governance based on the Kyocera Philosophy. Corporate governance and internal regulation are implemented with the following system to ensure that directors' duties are executed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and articles of incorporation.

• Chart of Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance Body

Corporate Governance System

Our corporate governance body consists of auditors. If any director discovers any violations of the law or breaches in the Articles of Association or any possibility of such occurring or any matters that could cause substantial detriment to the Kyocera Document Solutions Group, that director must immediately report the discovery to the auditors. Also, to ensure that audits by auditors are carried out effectively, directors must respond to any requests by auditors requesting attendance at important meetings, or the submission of materials for inspection such as important minutes of meetings, or contracts.

Internal Regulation System

The directors responsible for the execution of business operations are developing our internal regulation system to carry out the management policy and master plan in a just manner and with the intent to realize our Management Rationale.

Management Committee

In order to ensure the appropriateness of company business executed throughout the entire group, important matters are deliberated on within a Management Committee composed of the heads of the departments associated with those matters and directors.

Internal Audit System

Because Kyocera, our parent company, is listed on the U.S. New York Stock Exchange, Article 404 of the U.S. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act has applied to the Kyocera Document Solutions Group since April 2006.
Therein, pursuant to Section 404 of that Act, the Internal Audit Department conducts audits of company business for the entire group, including internal regulation audits of financial reports, to enhance the Internal Regulation System even further.

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