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Intellectual Property Protection

Kyocera Document Solutions strives to protect its products and technologies by aggressively acquiring intellectual property rights, as a result of its research and development. Specifically, it focuses on "discovery of environment-related inventions" and "efforts against counterfeit products."

Discovery of Environment-related Inventions

As environment-related themes, we actively discover environmentally friendly technologies and ideas proposed in the product development stage, such as long-life, based on our original ECOSYS concept, energy-saving, by using low-melting toner and low-temperature fixing, and noise-reduction of motors, fans, and driving system inventions. We believe that these kinds of efforts are the intellectual property activities which reduce environmental impact, as well as pursue users' convenience.

Efforts against Counterfeit Products

Detected counterfeit products
Detected counterfeit products

In recent years, we have received a number of reports of damaged MFPs (multifunctional products) and printers by having used counterfeit toner containers sold in various markets around the world. The manufacturing and selling of these kinds of counterfeit products are illegal acts that violate our intellectual property rights, as well as cause inconvenience to customers who purchased our products, because they trust our products' quality.
To protect our customers from counterfeit products and to provide reliable products to them, we are taking various measures to eliminate counterfeit products across the world.

Responses to Distributors of Counterfeit Products

We request distributors to discontinue the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products, now and in the future, as well as to dispose of their inventory of same and disclose the names of their suppliers. Our goal is to prevent the practice of manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products, and we strive to see the formation of a regulatory body to detect and/or punish distributors who do so.

Utilization of Custom's Border Enforcement System

We ask customs in each country to prevent the import and export of counterfeit products at the borders. Also, to increase the effectiveness of the crackdown on counterfeit products, we provide an explanation to customs officials, regarding how to assess the authenticity of toner containers.

Adoption of Hologram Seals for Authenticity Assessment

A product with a label attached, and enlarged image
A product with a seal, and enlarged image

We have attached hologram seals for authenticity assessment of our toner containers to help customers distinguish genuine products from counterfeit ones.

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