Top Commitment

Supplying the best possible document solutions for each customer / Norihiko Ina President

The information society we live in is advancing and developing due to the widespread adoption of mobile information devices, cloud computing, etc. Due to the increasing need of customers to handle documents in any place at any time, their needs in regards to document devices are becoming more diverse. Therefore, we should continue to offer quick and effective solutions to the problems that customers face in their respective document environments.

Aspiring to deliver new value to customer businesses and earn customer trust

We supply value to customers for their document work, in the form of economical, environmentally-friendly multifunctional products and printers equipped with our long-life technology, and our extensive software portfolio that we have cultivated over many years. As a result, we now sell products in over 140 countries around the world, with directly managed sales sites in over 30 of them.
In more recent years, we have focused on offering not only equipment sales and maintenance, but also have been actively developing a total solution service business. As a result, we have come to realize that increasing business productivity while reducing costs is currently a major issue for many customers. Therefore, we will take advantage of the extensive experience and expertise we have cultivated in global markets to offer a managed document service (MDS), which surveys and analyzes customer document environments to propose optimal equipment layout, system installation, operation management, and perform ongoing system optimization after installation. MDS will not only reduce paper and toner consumption, but will also reduce the time spent on crisis management and will improve business efficiency.
Therefore, we are committed to continuously improving our ability to resolve document issues and earn the trust of our customers as their business partner.

Living together - Promoting CSR activities globally

As a member of the Kyocera Group, to "coexist harmoniously with our society, our global community, and nature (living together)" is the underlying foundation of all our business activities. Therefore, all of our activities are conducted based on our desire to continue progressing in harmony with people and society. In a Kyocera class offered at a public secondary vocational school in China, for example, students not only receive vocational training, but are also taught how to be responsible citizens that can make a positive contribution to society. At our Vietnam plant, in addition to providing the workforce with manufacturing skills, we are also providing research and development skills by teaching local young aspiring engineers the advanced skills necessary to develop new products. We believe that by providing hope to the young people who represent the future of the country and supporting them to achieve their dreams, we are helping to promote the development of the country and the surrounding region. In this way, we feel that our company should serve as a public institution that lives together with society by contributing to the progress of host countries and regions through our corporate activities, while also respecting the history, culture, customs, laws, and regulations of each respective country and region. To achieve this commitment, we ensure that management practices are highly transparent and business activities are fair and honest. In addition, we are dedicated to further developing and promoting CSR activities by working together with local communities and employees on measures that contribute to society.

Through our reporting, we hope you will develop a better understanding of the CSR activities of KYOCERA Document Solutions.

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