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Our pursuit of "society/environment-friendliness" crystallized into Smart MFPs

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Smart MFPs are conscious of the work environment and users

Reviewing the results of the global questionnaire survey, we have concluded that one of the keywords in the development of Smart MFPs is "office/customer-friendliness." The Smart MFP series embodies our pursuit of ideal multifunction office equipment in the form of space-saving, downsized dimensions, noise reduction design that avoids bothering even those people close to the machine, and customer-friendly, simple and easy operability.

Ensuring improved comfort with a noise reduction design

We assume a small office, and have introduced a design that minimizes noise so that the machine does not bother even those people nearby. Specifically, this design helps mitigate resonance caused by the combination of noises from machine operation, paper conveyance, fans, laser scanner polygon motors, etc. As a result, our Smart MFPs have realized the best-in-class minimization of noise.

The driving system covered up

Efforts to minimize noise level

Even during operation, the noise level of our Smart MFPs is below 60 dB. To realize such strict noise reduction performance, engineers were respectively ordered to clear the hurdle of a designated noise level assigned to their respective system inside the machine, where project members shared enthusiasm toward the creation of a silent machine. Thus, each engineer struggled with noise in addition to other difficulties to be overcome, and as a result, the target of below 60 dB has been attained through the combined efforts of all members.

Tatsuya Kobayashi MFP Engineering Division 2 Engineering Department

User-friendly operability enabling customers' intuitive understanding

In the development of the Smart MFP series, we sought to realize customer-friendly, simple and easy operability, with the aim that customers of our existing products or any competitors' products will gain a quick, intuitive understanding of how to use the Smart MFP from the beginning. To this end, we started with discussions on the definition of "easy operability." We investigated customers' evaluations on operability in Japan, the United States and Germany, using demonstrative touch panels, and analyzed and verified investigation results repeatedly for improvement. Through these efforts, we have finally succeeded in developing an ideal panel which is small, as a result of downsized machine dimensions, but is even easier to operate.

Key points for easy operability

  • Large icons that help users understand specific functions intuitively
  • "One screen view, one function" which ensures easy understanding
  • Selecting a specific numeral will automatically close the display to activate a desired function, by which operation procedures can be curtailed. Setting is easy, thanks to a continuous flow of messages shown on the display.
  • The Bookmark function enables customization, facilitating your daily regular operations

Bookmark function

Akifumi Seto Corporate R&D Division Engineering Department

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