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Environmental Management

Kyocera Document Solutions has built an environmental management system (EMS) based on the ISO14001:2015 standard, and we are conducting continuous environmental protection activities. In addition, we launch environment-related projects when necessary, and thereby strive to address specific issues.

Environmental Management System and Promotion Organization

• EMS Promotion Organization of KYOCERA Document Solutions Group

EMS Promotion Organization of KYOCERA Document Solutions

ISO14001 Acquisition Status

We have acquired certification at 5 business sites in Japan, and 36 business sites outside Japan.

Environmental Accounting (FY2018)

Starting in FY2002, we introduced environmental accounting. In our business activities, we periodically ascertain costs spent on environmental preservation, and the resulting preservation and economic effects. This is done by referring to Environmental Accounting Guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan, and the results and data are used to develop active measures to preserve the environment.

Environment and Safety Auditing

We appoint auditors, from among qualified employees who have been certified in-house, and conduct an internal environment and safety audit once every year. This is done in order to check compliance with laws and regulations relating to environment and safety, and the effectiveness of our environmental management system and occupational safety and health management system. In addition, we strive to ensure comprehensive environmental preservation by having the officer in charge of environment and safety conduct environment and safety inspection of business sites in Japan, as well as production and distribution sites outside Japan. As part of these efforts, we also check the management situation of environment-related equipment, production floors, waste storage areas, chemical substance handling sites, and other relevant factors.

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