Hirakata Plant (Osaka, Japan)

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Plant Overview

Plant Name KYOCERA Document Solutions Hirakata Plant
Address 1-38-12, Tsudakita-cho, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, Japan
Total Site Area 46,017m²
Total Floor Space of Buildings 58,978m²
Greening ratio 18.4%
Number of Employees 197(As of the end of March 2018)
Business Description Manufacturing of MFPs (multifunctional products) and printers (Supplying to the US federal government), monochrome toner, and photoreceptor drums; storage and shipping of products and parts
October 1964:
Established as Mita Industrial Co., Ltd. Hirakata Plant.
November 1978:
Completed an information equipment plant to increase production of the Copystar electrographic copi
July 1984:
Completed a toner plant to start production of toner for electrography.
May 1987:
Completed a photoreceptor drum plant to start production of OPC drums.
October 2000:
Renamed KYOCERA Mita Hirakata Corporation.
November 2000:
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
March 2002:
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
April 2002:
Launched as KYOCERA Mita Corporation Hirakata Plant.
October 2006:
Acquired OHSAS18001 certification.
April 2012:
Renamed KYOCERA Document Solutions Hirakata Plant.

Message from the Plant Manager

Plant Manager  Junichi Hirobe
Plant Manager Junichi Hirobe

The management philosophy of the Kyocera Group is "Coexisting with Our Community, Coexisting with Global Society and Coexisting with Nature. Harmonious coexistence ("Living Together") is the underlying foundation of all our business activities as we work to create a world of prosperity and harmony."
This management philosophy contains a strong desire to respect nature, strive to contribute to environmental conservation and hope to become a corporation that lives together with nature and is kind to the Earth.
The neighborhood of the Hirakata Plant, located in the suburbs of an urban area relatively close to the three cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, is rich in nature, with the Hotani River, Yamada Pond, which is famous as a bird-watching site, and the "Satoyama*1 of Hotani Area," which was selected as one of the top 1000 Monitoring Sites*2 and Top 100 Villages of Japan*3. Also, the academic research district, which is a part of Kansai Science City, is located near this verdant area; an exceptional environment, where nature, people and society coexist.
The Hirakata Plant has been here in the Hirakata Tsuda area for over 50 years since its establishment, thanks to the support from local people and society. Grateful for their hospitality, we will continue to work on business activities with safety and peace of mind as the first priority, as well as the contribution to natural and environmental preservation more actively.

*1Japanese words for "A mountain closely connected to the people's life in a rural area"

*2Priority rural survey area as designated by the Ministry of the Environment

*3Selected by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and the Forest Culture Association

Environment Policy of the Hirakata Plant

Basic Rationale

Based on the corporate motto of "Respect the Divine and Love People," we aim to provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees and, through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind as our management rationale. Furthermore, in line with the Environmental Policy of the Kyocera Group, we enhance our sense of purpose for the creation of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented and symbiotic society, and actively conduct improvement activities that contribute to the protection of the global environment. These include environmental preservation, development of environmentally responsible products, promotion of energy and resource conservation, action against climate change, reduction in waste emissions, management of chemical substances and other environment-related measures.

Environment Policy

We manufacture MFPs(multifunctional products), printers, toner and photoreceptor drums, and provide many environmentally-friendly products and service.
As a provider of those operations, we fully take into consideration the effects of our activities on the natural environment and continually promote efforts to protect the global environment.

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