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Feature in FY2012:
Our pursuit of "Society/Environment-friendliness" crystallized into Smart MFPs

Our ECOSYS concept has evolved into the Smart MFP series.

Our ECOSYS concept has evolved into the Smart MFP series.

What does the world expect from corporate efforts for ecology today?

Today, an emphasis on ecology is a must rather than a trend, and an aggressive commitment to the environment is a prerequisite for companies to survive. Businesses are required not only to provide ecology-conscious products and services but also to improve their existing products to promote customers' environment-friendly choices and increase environmental value for users.

Kyocera Mita has been aware of the significance of environmental issues from very early days, and has established the "ECOSYS" concept which emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between ecology and the economy. Today, after about twenty years of strenuous business efforts remaining committed to the concept, the company has successfully developed an organizational culture of making sincere commitment to environmental issues through the participation of each and every member including engineers, sales representatives and administrative personnel.

The ECOSYS concept recognized by the whole world

Since 1992, when Kyocera Mita first developed the ECOSYS printer "FS-1500," the company has always been aggressive in creating environment-friendly products based on the ECOSYS concept. The basic idea behind this concept is now familiar to the general public, and today people would understand right away when we say "an idea of integrating ecology with economy." But at the time we established the ECOSYS concept, people's awareness was not yet developed, and actually we had to repeat trials and errors in products development, in which we aimed to raise the level of people's understanding regarding the concept.

As environmental issues came to draw people's attention later, our ECOSYS concept embodied in our printers gradually increased the level of public recognition inside and outside the country. Germany, known as a country making nationwide commitment to the environment, was the first overseas country to start paying attention to our ECOSYS products, followed by the United States and other European countries. Today, our ECOSYS products, which are enjoying world-wide recognition and high evaluation for their excellent economic efficiency and reduced environmental impact, are chosen by many workplaces throughout the world.

What is the evolved ECOSYS concept embodied in our new Smart MFP series?

As an advanced series following our existing general-purpose printers and multifunction systems developed on the basis of the ECOSYS concept, our new Smart MFPs embody our thorough pursuit of customer satisfaction, where we have integrated select functions and values truly required by multifunction printer users into the ECOSYS concept.

Such select features include an environment-friendly, long-life design; energy-saving performance; easy and simple operability; best-in-class space-saving dimensions; noise reduction design for a comfortable office environment; and other advanced ecology-conscious, customer-friendly functions. Thus, the evolved ECOSYS concept is embodied in Smart MFPs, showing our enhanced commitment to the global environment and society.


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