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Basic Rationale and Environment Safety Policy

Basic Rationale

The management rationale of the Shilong Plant is "to provide opportunities for all of our employees to pursue their material and spiritual happiness and, through our joint efforts, contribute to humanity and society." Based on this rationale, the Shilong Plant manufactures environmentally friendly and safe multifunctional products (MFPs), printers and their accessories, encourages activities that more actively and continuously contribute to environmental preservation and promotes the standardization of safe production, thereby creating a working environment where workers can work safely with peace of mind.

Environment and Safety Policy

In conducting business activities, through operation of the management system, Kyocera Document Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. will promote efforts more actively regarding environmental and safety, based on management rationale, and continuously improve environment and safety performance:

  1. 1We will comply with all laws and regulations, matters which we have agreed to, and our own standards concerning the environment and safety.
  2. 2We will produce and expand the products which contribute to the improvement of the global environment and reduce the environmental loads throughout their life cycle.
  3. 3We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire value chain and contribute to the prevention of global warming.
  4. 4We will procure the environmentally-friendly materials, minimize the volume of the input of new resources and waste emissions and make use of sustainable resources.
  5. 5We will promote biodiversity conservation by minimizing the negative impacts on the environment and by protecting and nurturing natural ecosystems.
  6. 6We will promote communication with several stakeholders and participate in and support social contribution activities.
  7. 7We will create a corporate culture where all individuals involved in our business activities recieve the training needed to ensure a safe and secure workplace, with no occupational accidents.
  8. 8We will prevent occupational accidents by implementing risk assessments and reducing risks through such measures as the elimination of hazard sources.
  9. 9We will promote the physical and mental health of our employees, and create a workplace where they can maintain good health, have job satisfaction and maximize their abilities, and aim for the plant more lively and pleasant.

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